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  1. Converting British National Grid and Irish Grid References: A Practical Example

    The Environment Agency recently released their database of River Habitat Surveys (RHS) as open data, available from the GeoStore under the Open Government Licence. RHS is described as the 'standard for collecting data on the physical character and quality of river habitats across the UK'. The data comes in the ...

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  2. Validating user input in PyQt4 using QValidator

    This post demonstrates how to use the QValidator class to validate text input in PyQt4. Text validation can help the user to understand what information is required when entering data into a form. For example, preventing a user from entering letters into a text field that expects a number makes ...

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  3. Merging vector layers with ogr2ogr

    In the example below we will merge a group of SQLite layers (first.sqlite, second.sqlite, third.sqlite, ...) into a single SQLite layer (topographicarea.sqlite).

    The first step is to create an empty layer with the correct schema (i.e., the same geometry type and fields).

    ogr2ogr -f SQLite -nln ...
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